In 2013, Raf Oil Industries was established to undertake oil blending, marketing and distribution to different international oil market.  The company customizes different types of oil according to customer specifications. It produces different types of lubricants (Automotive, Marine and Industrial).


It has Filling Line for different types of oil with different bottles, gallon and sizes as well as barrels.  We are always focused on our customers and service, we are offering a variety of products and integrated services to meet all the requirement of Lube oil.  We address blenders and distributors world-wide with our special Customized Product Service offering them the opportunity to order semi-finished product mixtures of base oils and additives in any desired composition and in any required volume to be delivered directly to their plant or storage facility.


Amidst the trend of economic globalization RAF represents an emerging new generation of international independent enterprises. RAF has clear and far reaching vision of enhancing its productivity and core competency by embracing technological advancement and therefore achieving accelerated growth rate and competitiveness.


By the provision of cleaner, higher quality and reliable long lasting products we can better shield our equipment and protect our environment and promote the development of a balanced healthy economy and society.


RAF is committed to producing high quality lubricants using the most modern techniques available and set itself an aim to becoming a model lubricants manufacturer in the region. With the assistance of the re-invigorated and well trained work force RAF will contribute greatly to meeting the energy needs of the country and the region at large.


RAF has been mindful of its responsibility towards its employees the local community and the environment. We will surge ahead and achieve breakthrough in our work through determination and diligence.


Thanking you,