With significant investment in storage and logistics facilities in Saudi Arabia and The UAE, which are easily accessed by major seagoing and inland transportation, including sea vessels, barges, cars and trucks, we operate a smooth and effective logistics system to deliver our products from door to door in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, The UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Egypt as well as to a growing number of customers in the emerging markets - Africa, Asia, and South East Asia, where we aim to continuously increase our presence.


We aim to be your  “one stop shop”, we mean not just a variety of products and services, but we offer a number of service and ethics standards which include: high quality of products, timely services, fair prices, professionalism , commitment  and a strong will to provide the best services on the market to our customers. Every customer is equally as important as the last.  We continuously work to extend our products portfolio and further develop our logistics and storage infrastructure supporting our customers in their development and growth.


Customised Products

We cater for blenders and distributors by offering a unique Customised Product service, this allows our customers to benefit from significant cost reduction by ordering ready, semi-finished product mixtures of base oils and additives in any required volume, from the largest to the smallest, including “less than truckload” batches, which can be delivered direct to the blending facility or any other requested destination.


All our products will reach the destination in appropriately sized packaging, form traditional drums and barrels to iso-tank containers, flexi-tanks and IBCs.


The problem many producers and sometimes even small countries may face is the limited possibility to store products and/or to blend them on-site. Our solution is to pre-blend the products with us and get them shipped to the desired destination and at the same time eliminate high infrastructure and handling costs.


Our customers optimise their storage, administration, quality control and logistics expenses, as well as achieve obvious cash flow and fiscal optimisation by ordering the desired composition from one source, instead of negotiating with different suppliers, dealing with storage and logistics issues.


We are using high quality products approved by leading EU lubricant manufacturers, blended in strict conformity with customer’s requirements.  While most toll blending facilities are, either not setup for, or not interested in small volume blending, we are dealing with any volume, from the largest to the smallest, including “less than truck load” batches, frequently required by blenders dealing with customised lubricants or developing new products.


Our capability to handle small volumes gives our customers more freedom and more opportunities in developing and expanding with new products, keeping their business at the cutting edge of the industry.


Raf Oil Industries will always aim to be a trusted and reliable partner

RAF OIL Industries will always aim to be a trusted and reliable partner to serve all customers’ base oil needs including outsourcing, storage, blending, shipping and distribution across the world. We continuously work to expand our product portfolio, by establishing cooperation with new supply partners and additive producers, we invest in storage and logistics assets to link origination regions to consumers destinations all over the world through modern and easily accessed hubs. We continue to extend our geographical footprint into the emerging markets - Africa and Asia, where we aim to continuously increase our presence through local cooperation and infrastructure development. We currently own some different oil factories in Saudi and is one of the main shareholders of different oil factories in Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Bangladesh and some african countries. Our company is well known with good reputation among oil companies in wholesaler oil market in the middle east.


Raf Oil Industries combines the knowledge gained through our own diversified range of commodities with the strength of our unique marketing capability.  We value our background, experience and we're proud of the service and quality we offer to our customers. We are totally committed to excellence of service and results. We always deliver customized solutions and calculate fair pricing for our consumers using up-to-date financial instruments, our logistic and storage assets, customized blending opportunities, shipping and logistics alternatives. We aim to be a committed partner in profitability, always carefully securing the interests of our clients against financial and operational risks.


In every aspect of our business our driving values are: responsibility and respect towards our customers, partners, environment and communities, expertise and technology - we respond rapidly to new opportunities by implementing innovative developments, sustainability and high quality standards.  Our philosophy is to balance today’s profitability with long-term growth, social and environmental considerations, which, we believe, make the firm basis for our future development and growth.